Building good career guidance in schools

Today I ran a workshop on career guidance in schools for the CDANZ conference in Auckland, New Zealand. In it I tried to distil down the learning that we’ve had from 12-13 years of a school based career guidance system in England and use it to prompt some thinking about how colleagues might want to develop things in New Zealand.

Along the way I highlighted a range of resources that I thought it would be work people looking at:

All of this stuff from England has much wider applicability, so I hope that people are able to make good use of it.

I also talked a bit about our book The Careers Leader Handbook and managed to sell a few copies. If you want to get a copy and you are in New Zealand this seems to be the best site. If you are somewhere else then Amazon is always a good bet, or go to the source and buy it from the Trotman website.

I’m also sharing my slides from the session…

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